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Republican Kris Murray’s Irvine Support Doubles that of Wagner

Independent Polling Shows Special Election for Supervisor is a two-person race between Murray and Sanchez

February 28, 2019
Contact: Kelsey Eiben

(Anaheim, CA)- This morning, the Irvine Community News & Views released the results of their independent poll in the March 12th special election for Orange County’s 3rd Supervisorial District. The results of the poll show it’s a two-person race, with Loretta Sanchez and Kris Murray as the two leading candidates. Irvine’s Mayor Don Wagner received half the support Murray garnered in his home city and a fifth of Sanchez.

Irvine is the third district’s largest city with current returns showing 35% of total the vote coming from Irvine. In the November 2018 election, Wagner received hefty political support from real estate developers and ultimately won reelection with less than a majority of the vote against meek opposition. Ten days after being sworn in, Wagner announced his campaign for County Supervisor, a move that has resulted in consternation from Irvine voters.

“This is not about the next office for me, this is about making a meaningful impact in solving homelessness, improving public safety and protecting quality of life of third district residents,” said candidate for Supervisor, Kris Murray. “These results underscore what I’ve firmly believed from the beginning; voters will support positive campaigns based on issues they care most about over divisive party politics.”

The Wagner campaign has enjoyed a large amount of Republican Party insider support and a parallel campaign funded by infamous Newport Beach millionaire Howard Ahmanson, who has spent big dollars attacking Murray with false and misleading mailers to aid the Wagner camp.  Conversely, Murray took the Clean Campaign Pledge and has renounced typical partisan messaging opting to instead run a dual-prong strategy mixing cutting edge digital communications and a robust ground game that is engaging voters on the issues.

“We are not surprised by the results we are seeing in this poll, Irvine is a democrat-majority city, but the district is overwhelmingly Republican.” said Campaign Strategist Alex Avetoom. “There are good Republicans and Democrats, and there are bad Republicans and Democrats – we believe the voters know the difference, so Kris has run a strong and focused campaign that asks voters to support her policies instead of her party affiliation.”

With the election just 13 days away, these latest numbers and the Murray campaign’s internal modeling firmly show it’s a two-person race between Murray and Sanchez.  Victory is within reach for Republicans provided they coalesce around the candidate most likely to win and based on recent reports (except a poll performed by Wagner’s political consultant) that candidate is Kris Murray.

Internal Polling from Murray for Supervisor:

Kris Murray is former Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem and City Councilwoman with more than 25 years of public service to Orange County. She and her husband Steve Murray are small business owners and live in Anaheim Hills with their son and two rescue dogs. The Murray’s spend family time volunteering at Seneca OC serving at-risk foster children, Boy Scouts, Little League, Anaheim Hills Community Council and at their son’s school.

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